LEGO 8x WWII Americans Infantrymen, Medic, Pathfinder & Officer with guns & Gear


LEGO 8x WWII Americans: Infantrymen, Medic, Pathfinder & Officer w/ guns & Gear includes:

LEFT TO RIGHT: Medic, U.S. 1st Army GI, Pathfinder, Major, 29th Infantryman & 3x 94th Infantrymen


1x U.S. Tech 5th Grade 94th Inf. Div. Medic Germany 1945 Color(s): Olive-Green & Dark-Tan

1x Red Cross printed helmet Color: OD-Green

1x Syringe Color: Gunmetal

1x Red Cross printed haversack Color: Brown

1x U.S First Army GI 1944 Color(s): Light-tan & Dark-tan

2x M1 Helmets Color: OD Green

1x M1 Garand Color: Reddish-brown

6x Backpacks Color: Reddish-brown

1x U.S. Pathfinder D-Day Color: Light-Tan

1x Parachute Color(s): Light-Tan, White & Gray

1x American 23rd Armored Division Major 1944 Color(s): Light-Tan & Light-Gray

1x Colt M1911 Color: Gunmetal

1x M1 Helmet Color: Gunmetal

1x American 29th Infantryman 1942 Color: Dark-Tan

1x M1 Carbine (Wires-Stock) Color: Black

1x Garrison cap Color: Dark-Tan

3x American 94th Infantrymen Color: Olive-Green

3x Printed M1 Helmet’s Color: Bluish-Gray

1x Bazooka Color: Gunmetal

1x M1A1v2 Color: Gunmetal

1x Springfield M1903A4 Color: Reddish-Brown

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